Managing Assignments

  • After meeting, researching and communicating we:
        - assess your company's needs; and
        - assess the requirements for the positions to be filled.
  • We thereafter perform complete interviews, reference checks and screening procedures on all personnel.*
  • Regular evaluations are performed to ensure personnel are meeting all assignment objectives. Complete evaluation of Best of the Best Consulting Services Limited personnel will be implemented in cooperation with our customer at the end of each assignment date.

* Please note that Best of the Best Consulting Services Limited is not liable for the accuracy of the reference checks. Best of the Best Consulting Services Limited will endeavor to ensure that references are as accurate as possible, but is not liable for any reliance on those reference checks by any person.

Strengths you can rely on with us:

  • Exceptional people skills
  • Face to face communications skills
  • Ability to work through conflicts
  • Solid negotiation skills
  • Highly professional
  • Hard work
  • Broad network base


    Kenny Ma
    Telephone: (403) 918 - 2575
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