Kenny Ma
Company Founder In 1997

I am the President of BOTBCS a head hunting firm that focuses on low-cost G&A additions or replacements.

About Us

After many years in the oil and gas industry it became apparent to me that there is, and always will be, a need for qualified staff that can be placed quickly and efficiently. As employers, you may not always be afforded the luxury of time to search for staff, especially when a vacancy could potentially prevent you from reaching your goals. As well, placing the wrong person could be a detriment to your organization.

Our company was formed to provide fully qualified personnel to Calgary firms for immediate personnel requirements. Our goal is to place personnel within your organization who are fully qualified, professional and dedicated to getting the job done to your standards.

"Best of the Best's" name is just that - we offer a broad range of very competent staff that will fulfill your personnel needs in a quick and efficient manner and work with you to determine your culture and the type of individual that will work best with you.

Our company's objective is to support and add strength to your company's goals.

Yours truly,

Kenny Ma
(403) 918-2575

STAR formula

We know how to use the "STAR formula" to find a candidate that will best fit your company needs.

Situation: give an example of a situation you were involved in that resulted a positive outcome.

Task: describe the tasks involved in that situation.

Action: talk about the various actions involved in that situation.

Results: give the results that directly followed because of your actions.